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The Glass Room Workshop: New Technologies & Cyber Security: The Future Of Human Rights In The Information & Technology Space

Join us for an interactive workshop focused on the human rights impacts that result from new technology and increased cyber security.

This workshop will use the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council on Cyber Security as a launching point for an interactive conversation. The workshop will be led by the Center's Co-Directors, Sarah Labowitz and Michael Posner. Both Mike and Sarah have worked on human rights issues in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) space during their time at the State Department, in the Center's research and in their new affiliation with the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council on Cyber Security. Participants will walk away with a greater understanding of the complexity of the human rights issues in the ICT space and the ways stakeholders can make meaningful progress.

More about The Glass Room: 

The Glass Room! A pop-up ‘tech space with a twist’.

Walk by the storefront window of the Glass Room and it looks like a slick, clean-lined tech and lifestyle store. At first glance, it offers the latest in shiny digital consumer products, such as the newest tablet or fitness tracker. But go inside, you will find there’s nothing for sale.

Instead, as you look closer at the ‘products’ on display, you are presented with works of art that take a look behind the screens and into the hidden world of what happens to your data.

Instead of corporate staff, you are met by a team of tech advisors with a different focus; ‘inGenious’ experts that are on hand to answer the questions raised by the exhibit, engage you in conversation and help you with alternatives, and privacy tips and tricks.

Despite first appearances, the Glass Room provides a very different consumer experience, one that allows visitors to re-evaluate how we use technology and how much we reveal about ourselves when we use it.