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Multi-stakeholder consultation on the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

Following the launch of the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark in December 2014, the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark Steering Committee has been developing the overarching framework of the benchmark and defining the methodology. This consultation in New York is the last of a series of consultations that the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark has convened over the last 3 months in major global cities to seek feedback from stakeholders in order to ensure a rigorous and credible methodology. 

The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark seeks to: 

• Make corporate human rights performance easier to see and simpler to understand for a wide range of audiences - inside and outside companies. 

• Commend and reward companies doing well while pointing the way forward to better performance. • Introduce a positive competitive environment encouraging companies to race to the top of the annual ranking. 

• Enable investors, civil society and regulators to challenge companies where performance is poor and improvements are necessary, using an evidence-based approach to improving corporate accountability.